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Your defense against phishing, business email compromise and ransomware.

Your defense against phishing, business email compromise and ransomware

Email is a critical element in the competitive functionality of any organization or business today. Most of the time, it is the driving force of most organizations’ day to day activities. Through the years, email has become a first target for cyber criminals who take advantage of lax security policies and unsophisticated users.

Xyntac Email Security Service provides a complete solution to combat all type of threats providing gateway security functions to your email server. Collective measures are used to secure the access and content of an email account or service.

Xyntac Email Security Service allows the customer to protect the overall access to one or more email accounts by filtering incoming/outgoing emails as per the collective measures in order to prevent unwanted/harmful emails.

Different packages to cater to varying customer requirements
Administration via an online portal
Customer email server can be anywhere in the world


  • No initial investment
  • Improve organizational productivity
  • Easy provisioning & management
  • Convenient portal access
  • Monitoring, reporting & analytics
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