Point-to-point Connectivity
International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL)

Enjoy fast, reliable, secure & flexible data connections with Xyntac

Enjoy fast, reliable, secure & flexible data connections with Xyntac

IEPL service delivers end-to-end transmission quality and is ideal for operations that rely on secure and reliable connectivity. Customers can build up reliable and scalable private networks as the growth in essential traffic increases in their ever growing need to communicate globally in the most effective and flexible way.

Xyntac provides seamless and secure point-to-[point Ethernet connectivity linking customers all over the world via extensive global EoMPLS network.

Enjoy the benefits of carrier grade Ethernet without the cost of ownership.

Standard Ethernet Interface
Dedicated local loop
Extensive global coverage
Optimum redundancy
Guaranteed speed, security & availability
Service level agreements
Multiple business applications delivery
24 x 7 customer service


  • Low latency
  • Highly reliable
  • High bandwidth
  • 2 Mbps ranging up to 10Gbps
  • Architected to meet the needs
  • Point-to-point (E-LINE)
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