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SLT has launched Xyntac in order to better position itself in the global market as a true global carrier. Accordingly, Xyntac will promote Voice & Data services along with innovative Digital services to cater the evolving global market requirements.

Xyntac has already acted on developing its IP Backbone network & expanding its service portfolio to colocation, cloud and evolving digital services to cater the global requirements. Xyntac’s ISP Service (ASN: 45489) has been ranked among the first 100 Global Internet Service Providers & is proud to be the first Sri Lankan Telco to be listed among the global ISP giants. Xyntac will boost SLT’s plans to expand the business to new territories and emerging markets in the world.

Xyntac aims to be a key regional player by providing Global Services through major investments in multiple international submarine cable systems such as SEA-ME-WE 5, SEA-ME-WE 4, SEA-ME-WE 3, Bharat-Lanka (between India & Sri Lanka) and Dhiraagu-SLT (between Maldives & Sri Lanka) and Multiple inter-connected data centres. Further Xyntac ensures the best system & network reliabilities with higher network uptime, industry best security practices, 24x7 expert engineering support and industry specific SLA’s.

Xyntac International POPs spread across USA, Europe and Asia will enhance faster deployment of services around the globe & plans are underway to expand its presence further to the other regions of the world. Further Xyntac provides multi cloud platforms partnering with virtualization giants, bringing global enterprises closer to the future of digital communications.

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