31 Jan 2024

Xyntac is gearing up for Capacity Middle East 2024

Xyntac is gearing up for Capacity Middle East 2024, the premier digital infrastructure event in the Middle East. Held at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE from February 6th to 8th, the event is a key meeting point for over 2,600 ICT professionals across various sectors.  


With a network boasting speeds over 100 Gbps, Xyntac is a leader in digital communications infrastructure, providing services such as Internet, Data Centre & Cloud, Voice and connectivity. 


The company's presence at Capacity Middle East 2024 is not just about showcasing its technological prowess. It is also an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues, explore new partnerships, and stay abreast of the latest industry trends  


We invite you to join us at Capacity Middle East 2024 to meet the Xyntac team and discover the latest advancements in digital infrastructure arena. Let's connect, collaborate, and drive the future of connectivity together. 

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